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Rebuild your Running Distributor to Electronic


Sample Only

*Please send in coil with distributor for compatability testing with electronic changeover.
This will help eliminate future problems,and make installation trouble free.
Testing is free with a complete elctronic changeover.
[Weak or borderline coils may cause intermittent running problems]

Please be sure to insure your shipment to us.  We will notify you when your distributor is received.  Fill out each section on the secure order form below, including payment method, click "send", and print out a copy of the receipt for your records.  Thank for your business!






'32-'36 Dome 3-hole coil #40B $325.00
Late '36 Dome 2-hole coil off-set #68 $325.00
'37-'40 Dome 2-hole coil #78 $325.00
'41 Dome 2-hole w/improved advance #11A $325.00
'42-'44 Pancake type with clips #21A $325.00
'45-'48 Pancake type with bail #59A $325.00
'49-'53 Ford cast iron w/full cent. advance #0BA $260.00
'49-'53 Mercury w/full centrifugal advance #0BA $260.00
All Point type Flathead dist. rebuilding #ALL $100.00
All Testing your coil #COIL

$  15.00

Return Shipping $13.00

Insurance (Recommended) $5.00



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