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Rebuild your Running Distributor to Electronic

This is a picture of a Flathead Ford distributor that fits a 1942 to 1948 vehicle.

A model 21A distributor fits a Flathead Ford 1942 to 1944 vehicle. By installing clips
and using a one-piece cap known in the industry as a crab cap, this distributor becomes
a distributor for a Ford 1942 to 1944.

Using the same distributor as pictured and by using a bail and two piece distributor cap,
this distributor becomes a model 59A to be used in a Flathead Ford 1945 to 1948 vehicle.
Our expertise is to convert a point distributor into an electronic distributor without
losing the original look. Once you take this leap into this new technology, your days of
worry are over, as you will not ever again be setting points. These electronic flathead
distributors are tested on a Sun distributor machine to the original timing specifications.

Your Running unit is required for rebuilding.


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I have had on occasion to install one of Philbin's
converted electronic distributors on my restored 1940
Ford Coupe. Tony Neisz of Philbin Manufacturing of
Portland, Or. converted this original distributor from
dual points to a pulse electronic ignition. I have
driven the car for about 1200 miles in all weather
conditions except rain. The car was driven all
over the Bay area through San Francisco, across the
Golden Gate Bridge and East Bay Bridge, the Napa Valley
and the mountains in and around Santa Rosa,
Then after taking the car to the Western Regional
National meet of the Early Ford V8 Club of Pismo Beach,
Ca. in late Sept. 2001, I had occasion to go to Las Vegas.
While in Las Vegas the temperature was around 100 degrees.
I drove the car out to Hoover Dam in the heat and over to
Arizona and back about 200 miles. I stopped when the
temperature was well over one hundred. The motor started
without hesitation. I have installed a rebuilt coil on the
distributor and find that to be a good combination for
reliability and peace of mind that my flat head will start
in any condition. I also had occasion to take a trip
around Mt. Hood up a very steep mountain and found the
performance to be superb even at high altitude. The
motor has not failed to start once since I installed the
new distributor. I highly recommend this conversion for
those who want to have a reliable running and starting
flathead motor. Tony Neisz is a very knowledgeable and
friendly technician to work with and I have found him to
stand behind his work.
Jack Young

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