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Flathead Doctor is a DBA of Philbin Manufacturing Company, Inc.  We decided on the name Flathead Doctor for our new venture into business of changing out the points in the Ford flathead distributors and replacing them with electronics.  Since this is a specialized segment of business, we felt a distinctive name was called for; hence the name Flathead Doctor.

Anthony (Tony) Neisz is the grandson of Anthony Neisz who sold the business to Tony's father George in the early 1950's.  By then Philbin Manufacturing was deep into professional automotive electrical maintenance.  In the mid 1950's, Philbin Manufacturing bought a company called Superior Products and added rebuilding vehicle distributors to its' sales and service.  Philbin Rebuilt Products was formed and soon became an industry leader in distributor sales and service.

George sold Philbin Manufacturing to his son Tony in 1972.  Now Tony and his son Joe are remanufacturing, repairing and/or selling every kind of battery charger power source, test equipment and vehicle distributors the automotive industry offers.

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