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Specials from Philbin Rebuilt Products

Standard Pertronix Kits Only $81.60*

Performance: Fast starts every time. Operates within timing accuracy, at peak efficiency through the entire RPM range.

Dependability: Precision engineered to switch twice the energy of any other system. Comes with a 30-month factory warranty.

Protection: Reduces battery drain and is magnetically triggered to eliminate breakdowns. This kit is unaffected by dirt, dust, oil and moisture.

Economy: Improves fuel mileage, extends spark plug life, and eliminates minor tune-ups.

Convenience: No 'black boxes' to clutter engine compartment, no complicated wiring. Entire system fits in distributor - out of sight.

Easy Installation: One-piece installation in minutes. No holes to drill, no wires to cut, no extras to buy. Only two wires to connect.

Specifications: Operating Voltage: 6-V to 16-V DC Temperature Range: -50 to 300 degrees F. RPM.

Range: Full operating range of engine down to Zero RPM. (No minimum starting RPM) 12-V Negative Ground Only.

*Special applications priced slightly higher
*Out of vehicle installation include

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