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Nicad Batteries can be rebuilt and Philbin Manufacturing can do it for you. E-mail us with any questions.

Discover the revolutionary new technology that changes the way the world looks at batteries: Optima's famous SPIRELCELL Technology. The SPIRELCELL design uses high purity lead plates wound with a glass mat that absorbs electrolyte like a sponge. This design gives the OPTIMA extremely high power, and very low internal resistance.

  • The OPTIMA Red Top general-purpose battery featuring SPIRELCELL Technology, the 75/35/25. This battery is smaller, and capable of fitting into more conventional vehicles, yet still has a life span two to three times longer than the competition.
  • The OPTIMA Blue Top Marine battery has the clean, reliable, high-power output and deep cycle* characteristics that have made OPTIMA batteries famous.
  • The OPTIMA Yellow Top Deep Cycle* battery has greater cranking ability and less capacity reduction at high current loads.

    *Both Blue and Yellow top deep cycle batteries have been verified in Life cycle testing to exceed 350 complete discharges - outcycling conventional deep cycle batteries by 30-50%

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