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Do-it-yourselfers, maintenance personnel, farmers and ranchers, automotive repair professionals and anyone needing quality welding and general metal working tools and accessories will appreciate Philbin's experience and expertise. Philbin's can remanufacture, repair or replace almost any type of welding equipment.

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Mig welding or GMAW is the most efficient welding process. It uses a welding wire electrode that is fed automatically at a constant speed. A short ARC is generated between the base metal and the wire, melting the welding wire and joining the base materials together. The continuous process produces high strength welds with excellent aesthetics. MIG welding uses a gas shielding process in which gas is fed through the welding torch and acts as a shielding agent at the ARC. The gas prevents oxidation of the base metal. The type of inert gas used depends on the base metal to be welded. MIG welding is easy, clean and effective on both thin gauge and thick plate base metals.

Gasless wire feed welding, also known as FCAW, is slightly different than MIG welding, as it does not require a shielding gas. Gasless welding employs a flux-cored welding wire. The flux-cored wire produces its own gas shield as it burns. This form of welding also is simple, efficient and extremely effective for welding outside in windy conditions, as no gas is required.

Put Philbin's expertise to work for you. Call or e-mail us with your inquiry. If you do not see a particular brand of equipment, contact us. We can help.

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