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Testing Equipment and Emission Analyzers

Sales and Service on Dwell Meters, Scopes, Timing Lights, Load Testers, Digital Battery Analyzers, (DEQ) Emission Analyzers, Air Conditioning and Antifreeze Recyclers.

Sales and Service of these brands:

Auto Meter
Techno Tools

The ultimate measure of an engine's performance is the make-up of the exhaust gas. Ignition problems, vacuum leaks and engine mechanical problems will show up as changes in the exhaust gas even though the onboard computer may indicate no fault. Analyzers help optimize engine exhausts, peaks engine performance and can be used to prepare a car for state inspection.

With a good Carbon Pile Load Tester you should be able to test battery leakage or voltage supply. Check the battery cranking and charging volts. Gauge the starter current draw and the alternator/generator charging amps. Test for faulty diodes. When something seems to be wrong you can check the voltage regulator or test the battery under a heavy load.

The new Digital Battery Analyzer employs the latest electronic technology to determine if a battery is bad or simply needs recharging. This compact piece of equipment accurately tests by obtaining the battery's state of charge value; then computes and displays the proper loaded voltage regardless of the battery's state of charge time, control, or a low battery indicator. There is no reason to know the battery's CCA to test its condition. No potentially damaging and dangerous heavy loading and no time consuming need to recharge and retest.

The Philbin Group is now offering a special sale price on Digital Battery Analyzers. Just mention the special price you saw on our web site when you call or e-mail us.

Philbin Manufacturing has been selling and servicing electrical equipment for close to eighty years. Put Philbin's expertise to work for you. Call or e-mail us with your inquiry. If you do not see a particular brand of equipment, contact us. We can help.

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